Councilwoman Sees Las Vegas As A Dynamic City

MOB Traffic is proud to be part of its evolution.  

For many longtime Las Vegas residents, something remarkable happened when the Las Vegas Golden Knights brought home the Stanley Cup. More than 200,000 people celebrated, marking a turning point for the city. The people who live here — new and native — were united in a way that has never happened before.

“When people moved to Las Vegas years ago, it would take as long as ten years before they felt any ownership or loyalty to our city,” says Las Vegas City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman. “This changed last June. The city bonded in a way some never imagined it could. I always knew we would. Having our own sports teams sealed the deal.”

It’s true. Sports have solidified in Las Vegas. Bringing home the Stanley Cup, which followed the Las Vegas Aces winning the WNBA title, has strengthened the city former Mayor Oscar Goodman always hoped to see, when he used to talk about making Las Vegas the Philadelphia of his youth. He always believed diversity was the key.

Today, Councilwoman Seaman has taken up the banner. She sees sports innovation as one cornerstone in diversifying the economy. Aside from higher profile sports teams like the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Raiders, and future Las Vegas As, she has been instrumental in improving sports venues in Las Vegas.

Allegiant Stadium became an important part of transforming Las Vegas into a sports town.
Allegiant Stadium is one of several sports venues that transformed Las Vegas.

“Sports are competitive, and it’s the competitive spirit that brings people together in a community,” says Seaman. “The new Pavilion Center Pool, where the Sandpipers of Nevada train, is one example. The Sandpipers have become one of the top teams in the United States and several members have competed in the Olympics. We’re working with the Howard Hughes Corporation to build another competition-level pool in the area.”

Councilwoman Seaman is working with City of Las Vegas staff to secure Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA) funds that could add 10 new courts to the Darling Tennis Center. The center was home to the Tennis Channel Open and is the largest tennis center in the state of Nevada. The expansion will make it even more attractive for national tournaments.

“These events are vital in strengthening our community and driving the economic diversity Las Vegas needs,” said Seaman. “Super Bowl LVIII will be held at Allegiant Stadium. The 2023 Formula One World Championship will include the Las Vegas Strip. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA looks for a chance to join our city.”

These sporting events will join many others that Masters of Barricades has been proud to support as a traffic control management company for years. Life Is Beautiful, the Mint 400, the Las Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup rally, and the Las Vegas Great Santa Run have all become synonymous with Las Vegas. Together, they draw hundreds of thousands of people to the area throughout the year.

MOB Las Vegas stepped up to provide transportation for Knights Stanley Cup rally.
MOB Traffic provided transportation to the Las Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup rally.

“The amount of visitors these events draw provides an obvious economic benefit,” says Seaman. “But I’m also interested in the less obvious economic benefits that mean long-term diversification — sports professionals, physical therapists, sports trainers, merchandisers, construction workers, traffic control managers, support services, infrastructure tradespeople, and medical personnel.”

One of Councilwoman Seaman’s dreams is to see a freestanding children’s hospital in Las Vegas. Currently, the city is one of only two metropolitan areas without one, which forces as many as 50,000 residents to travel out of state for care every year.

“We have great wards here for children, but it's not enough,” said Seaman. “We're a growing city and we absolutely need that standalone children’s hospital to attract pediatric surgeons and specialized treatments.”

By addressing medical needs and shortfalls in education, Seaman sees more opportunities for Las Vegas on the horizon. Industries that once hesitated to make the move to the city are starting to consider it, knowing it is just a matter of having the right leadership to solve these issues.

“I loved that Mark Wahlberg lobbied to woo the film production industry to Las Vegas. That would be a game changer for our city,” said Seaman. “I think their efforts came a little too late in the session to be adequately addressed by Nevada lawmakers, but bringing the film industry is something we keep working toward.”

MOB Traffic is the only traffic control company with extensive film experiences in Las Vegas.
MOB Traffic has been tapped to provide traffic control during major movie shoots.

As the city continues to diversify, Councilwoman Seaman says there will also be a growing need for diversification in the workforce. For example, she is well aware that the construction industry is struggling to fill jobs and she would like to see the City of Las Vegas workforce programs help fill those needs.

“Workforce training is a priority for our city, and I would encourage construction companies to contact us to learn more about what we are doing to help people enter the trades,” says Seaman. “If they are unsure of how to navigate our programs to scout employees or help us identify which training programs might be needed, I invite them to contact my office. We will help them find the right resources.”

According to Councilwoman Seaman, all of these efforts are vital to the city. Diversifying the economy with sports, medicine, and the film industry also means strengthening infrastructure, construction, education, and support services. She says the time is right to solidify Las Vegas as the dynamic city it deserves to be is right.

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