Masters of Barricades is a courageous startup story.

Our story is one that illustrates the pride, integrity, and tenacity of the people who founded it. The MOB traffic story begins six years ago when the largest highway technologies, traffic control, and barricade company in the nation notified its employees that it would close its doors, effective immediately. While many employees were set to go their separate ways, three co-workers who were responsible for mitigating the closure went one step further. They made calls all night long to ensure every open job in the area would be matched to other local barricade and traffic control companies — ensuring all barricade services, rentals, and sales were properly in place and staffed with enough Traffic Control Technicians, Flaggers, and Manpower Support. When the father of one of these co-workers heard what they did in the face of being laid off, he offered to invest in a new business with nothing more than a handshake. The three of them immediately purchased an existing Las Vegas traffic safety company, secured licenses, and added traffic drums, road barricades, and steel safety barriers. Within a year, their reputation, contacts, and personal relationships fueled enormous growth, transforming Masters of Barricades into the largest privately owned business with as many traffic control assets as the national corporation that abandoned them.

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