There are times when construction crews and special event planners prefer to use their own equipment or workforce on location. MOB traffic supports these decisions by offering traffic control and special event consultation, providing the same attention to detail that we would on any job or event we are contracted to manage. Several companies and organizations ask our teams to review plans, plan submissions, barricade allocations, flagger locations, event procedures, and every other aspect of their construction site or special event. It is not uncommon for MOB traffic to dispatch supervisors to review the execution of any traffic control plans onsite at any time, making recommendations to improve safety, workflow, or overall quality control. What sets MOB traffic apart from other companies is that our principals, managers, and supervisors have built careers in traffic control and crowd control. Not only do we know every facet of the business, but many of our team members have also worked in utility maintenance, construction, special event planning, and other related fields. This provides us a unique perspective, allowing us to see things through the eyes of our customers.

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