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Mears Group Moves Natural Gas Into The Future   

MOB Traffic provides barricades and traffic management to the Mears Group, upgrading the natural gas infrastructure across Southern Nevada.

Lighting Up Vegas With The Buzz of EDC Entertainment  

MOB Traffic managed all traffic control, flagging, and ride share staff at EDC Vegas this year.

Flexibility Is The Hallmark of F&F Trenching 

Masters of Barricades provides rapid planning approvals for family-owned F&F Trenching.

Striking A Chord with Rock ’n’ Roll Running Series 

Masters of Barricades is the go-to traffic management company for Rock 'n' Roll Running Series, Vegas.

Masters of Barricades Is Moving Into A New Era

Masters of Barricades will relocate to a new yard on Las Vegas Boulevard.

MOB Traffic As A Friendly Neighborhood Barricade Company

Masters of Barricades scales rentals and services for its community.

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