Growing To Meet The Regional Needs Of Clients

MOB Traffic expands its regional service territory on request.  

When Masters of Barricades secured a license in Lake Havasu, Arizona, to provide traffic control and barricades for the biggest UTV race on the planet, it set a customer service precedent that few traffic management companies can meet. MOB Traffic will follow its clients anywhere it makes sense. 

“We developed a working relationship with Mad Media LLC on the legendary Mint 400 in Las Vegas and UTV World Championships in Laughlin,” says Paul Ames, special events manager for MOB Traffic. “So when they moved the Laughlin championships to Lake Havasu, it made sense for us to move with them. We understand their expectations and can get the job done.”

This year, MOB Traffic will be moving with Mad Media LLC again. Promoted as the California 300, the new off-road race will introduce MOB Traffic to new locations in the Golden State. The special events team will secure licenses, submit paperwork, and schedule the technicians and equipment necessary to make the event as seamless as possible. 

“Traffic control is the first impression of any special event,” says Ames. “It has to be done right, and we’re the one company our clients can rely on to make it happen.”

MOB Traffic raises the bar on barricades by acting as a special events partner instead of a vendor. In addition to aerial reconnaissance via Google maps, MOB Traffic schedules several site visits before the initial traffic control plans are drafted. 

“We don’t leave anything to chance because online mapping tools are not 100 percent reliable,” Ames said. “Weather events and new construction or other circumstances in the area can change road conditions or impact traffic congestion. We don’t like making assumptions about something as important as traffic safety.”

This attention to detail has earned Masters of Barricades its position as the largest privately owned traffic control business in the region. It has one of the largest traffic control equipment warehouses and yards in the region, storing hundreds of barricades, cones, drums, pedestrian rails, signs, lighted equipment, and more. 

“Most traffic control companies have a hard time managing special events because it requires significantly more equipment, more technicians and flaggers, more overtime, and more weekend work,” says Jeff Pritchett, CMO for Masters of Barricades. “We thrive on it. Special events management helped us get our start, and has consistently represented about 25 percent of our business.”  

In fact, the recent move to meet special event needs in California isn’t exclusive. MOB Traffic is expanding the number of high-profile special events it manages in and around Las Vegas and deeper into Arizona and Utah.

“In almost every case, we are following our clients who are establishing new events in different states but want the same level of traffic control services we’ve managed to provide in Las Vegas,” said Pritchett. “We’re able to accommodate them at a level of service they deserve because we still have the flexibility of being privately owned.”

Pritchett says that most traffic control companies purchase equipment and staff up for the upcoming year based on contracts secured in the previous year. Masters of Barricades isn’t beholden to contracts. Instead, it purchases equipment based on sustained growth and expansion. 

“We always have to be ready for anything,” Pritchett said. “Right now, for instance, we’re providing traffic control and barricades on a major motion picture with twelve shooting locations, including Lee Canyon, Kyle Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, and the Valley of Fire. We manage the crews and equipment at these locations based on an ever-changing shooting schedule. And we manage these kinds of setups without impacting our commercial, construction, and utility services customers.”

Ames adds that sometimes working on so many projects provides an unseen benefit to its clientele. Masters of Barricades provides estimates based on the minimum amount of staff and equipment to provide maximum safety at the best price. They also have extensive knowledge of ongoing construction jobs in many highly trafficked areas. 

“When some companies bid jobs, they might consider the site environment but not all of those intangibles like construction, area schools, church services, or even other special events,” said Ames. “We get pretty granular on our jobs, researching every aspect from the ground up. And then, we adjust the fine details every year to make it better and better.”

The result is a traffic control fleet and crew that is considered the flagship barricade company in the Las Vegas Valley. Now, with a reputation for delivering world-class customer service and unparalleled responsiveness, Masters of Barricades, also known as MOB Traffic, continues to earn more business in Nevada while expanding its traffic control services and barricade rentals into other states. 

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