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MOB is opening new positions for flaggers, technicians, and more.  

While most of Las Vegas sleeps, the first shift of traffic control technicians at Masters of Barricades is already starting their day. Each driver arrives long before sunrise, picks up a line-out list of nine or ten setups, double-checks their pre-loaded truck, and heads out to complete the day’s work.

From the moment they leave the yard until they return — about 10 or 12 hours — they’re on their own, measuring out the space between cones and traffic barricades that will direct pedestrians or drivers and protect special events or construction crews. If the technician has any questions or needs some assistance, the rest of their team is only a walkie-talkie call away.

“We always joke that nobody goes to their career counselor at high school looking for a way to play in traffic,” says Jeff Pritchett, CMO of MOB Traffic. “So people tend to fall into traffic control while they figure out what’s next. But more and more, there are people like me who find they have a passion for it.”

Pritchett began his career in traffic control management as a driver after exploring jobs as a firefighter and sheet metal fabricator. The hours, optional overtime, and work suited him. So he headed out on his own daily, finished his work early, and had the rest of the day to himself.

Terry Alo, general manager of Masters of Barricades, did much the same. His first traffic control management job was in the yard at another company. He filled sandbags for 18 months, waiting for a shop job to open. Later, he too became a traffic control technician, shift supervisor, and eventually an operations manager.

“It’s not just Jeff and myself. All our supervisors, managers, and founders have worked from the ground up, providing us a unique perspective that you won’t find anywhere else,” says Alo. “We do everything we can to help people fall in love with the work as much as anybody can fall in love with work.”

Much of it has to do with the work environment, finding people who fit in with what most people consider the best crew in the region. There are almost always open positions everywhere within the company — flaggers, traffic control technicians, shop/yard workers, and plan drafters. All of them include full benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and PTO.

“Since we were right there where they were when we started, we get it. So we try to offer a competitive salary and benefits, with specific review periods for merit raises and promotion opportunities,” said Alo. “There are a few other company culture perks too. Sometimes that might mean a food truck rolls in during a shift change or everyone working a special event on Saturday getting lunch on us.”

Masters of Barricades is also well known for encouraging employees to move throughout the company. If a promising new hire discovers the planning department or flagging isn’t for them, then the company will look for a lateral move before letting them go. In some cases, Masters of Barricades has even created unique positions that best suit the ability of the person to benefit the team.

“My goal is always to get the best out of someone, and sometimes that means getting them into the position that works best for them,” says Alo. “Almost all of our supervisors and managers have worked in several departments, some in every department. There is plenty of room for growth here.”

Taking the first step isn’t difficult. Traffic control technicians and shop/yard workers must be at least 23 years of age, and all positions require passing a drug test, including cannabis. Some positions require a valid driver’s license and OSHA 10 certification, but Masters of Barricades assists with most ATSSA certifications.

“We provide all the gear they need and tend to front-load all our employees with as much training as possible,” says Alo. “The longer they stay, the more certifications we’ll help them earn, including traffic control supervisor certification after 4,000 hours of experience. We also host CPR/first aid certifications and other training at our offices.”

The goal is to provide the best roadway safety training available in the industry and skill sets that translate into safer construction zones and special events. While the benefit to customers is obvious, it also elevates how people see the trade.

“We want our technicians to develop a sense of pride in their work,” said Alo. “We’re part of many major construction jobs that link our communities; ongoing service maintenance on electric, water, and broadband; and almost all major events in Las Vegas, ranging from motion picture shoots to Life Is Beautiful. It is a great feeling to be part of something big.”

Masters of Barricades operates 24-7 with two shifts for technicians (2 a.m. to 2 p.m., 2 p.m. to midnight) plus optional special events work. Hours for flaggers vary, and also include overtime opportunities for special events. Shop, yard, and planners work on location at 3624 North Goldfield Street in North Las Vegas.

For employment consideration, fill out an online application. Choosing the position you feel most suited for at the start of your career is important. If there are other opportunities or a high demand for certain positions, they will be discussed during the interview. Good luck!

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