TrueNet Increases Broadband One Gig At A Time

MOB Traffic speeds up to support network development.  

Bruno Durazzo joined TrueNet Communications as a senior project manager at a pivotal time about five years ago. The company had just been awarded a $2 million contract with Cox Communications to build out a 25-mile gigabit and fiber internet corridor for businesses that would become part of the Anthem master-planned community in Henderson.

“It was one of the largest jobs ever awarded by Cox Communications and came with considerable logistical challenges to work with existing schools and businesses, minimizing any impact to their operations,” said Durazzo. “The inspectors in Henderson are always very detailed-oriented too, so there was no room for error at a time when we were still developing our talent pool.”

Even Durazzo was learning on the job, only briefly shadowing a senior project manager who had been recently promoted and planned to relocate. He worked with his predecessor for about two months before overseeing all construction operations in Nevada.

"I had been working for a local engineering firm, so this felt like a big jump at the time," said Durazzo. "I was nervous but also knew what I was getting into because TrueNet is very supportive. I’ve worked with many executives out of the national office, right up to the CEO. I still do. I’m in contact with our headquarters regularly."

To provide a broader sense of the company, TrueNet Communications operates in all 50 states as a leader in engineering, constructing, and upgrading underground and aerial broadband cable and telecommunications infrastructure. Much of their success comes from partnering with broadband industry CATV providers and communication companies to assist them with planning, design, permitting, and record maintenance.

"What sets us apart is our versatility in serving the needs of many customers — commercial, business, or residential — helping them get ready for the future, whether that includes underground or aerial construction," says Durazzo. "This includes almost everything you might think of in terms of infrastructure, from directional drilling and trenching to coax and fiber splicing. We also offer staff augmentation, where our employees will work in-house with our customers for a year or two."

TrueNet Communications’ ability to stay in lockstep with the cutting edge of infrastructure technology has led to returns on bandwidth in Nevada for their largest customer, Cox Communications, and in support of other carriers. The Dish Network, for example, has been rolling out a 5G service that grew out of the 2020 merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, which required T-Mobile to divest Sprint's prepaid business.

"Network development has become an integral part of Southern Nevada, and everybody wants to see us on the front end of technology for the next five or ten years," says Durazzo. "This requires us to remain very nimble in providing the best services. We have all the right tools, a brand new fleet, a tight-knit team ready to get the job done, and some amazing support service providers."

TrueNet Communications counts MOB Traffic among the most important, knowing that if barricades aren’t in place or flaggers aren't on time, an entire job could be delayed or shut down. Since delays have a compounding effect on construction — not only impacting one job but all subsequent jobs assigned to that crew — TrueNet would rather not take any chances.

In many ways, Durazzo adds, MOB Traffic operates like TrueNet Communications. He says both companies are always looking for new ways to evolve and work very closely with their customers.

“What always impressed me about MOB Traffic is that they set standards based on their experience with various jurisdictions, and then work to exceed those standards,” said Durazzo. “This is very much how TrueNet does business. Our parent company sets standards, but we also set a higher bar based on our experience within the market.”

For TrueNet, this means anticipating the unique challenges of network development and communications infrastructure — following the customer’s guidelines, regional realities, and market-specific best practices. The outcome has led the company to become an industry-leading total broadband solution provider.

“We’ve done such a great job developing an elite team in Las Vegas,” said Durazzo. “It’s an exciting time, one that has afforded me a work career I could see finishing out in 20 years with a team that loves the work, enjoys great benefits, and typically gets together for a monthly cookout. What could be better?”

For a company that proved its value five years ago in Nevada and more than 30 years ago nationwide, it doesn’t seem like anything could be better. At least, not until someone comes up with the next iteration of 5G. But even then, they’ll be ready.

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